The Buddy Kaye Orchestra
with Morton Abramson On Drums


This is 15 minutes of the Buddy Kaye Orchestra with Morton Abramson on drums, recorded at McGill around 1963. The recording was made at a live performance via single mic, in front of the band, to a portable reel to reel tape recorder. It was then copied to single pressing vinyl.

The transfer was made using a Stanton T.62, with analogue to digital on a Denon DN-X1600. Minor editing to remove some skipping and gaps, and add fades, was done in Ableton Live.

A two pass cleanup through iZotope RX2 Declicker and then RX2 Decrackler was used, although the last 50 years haven’t been kind to the vinyl.

Happy 45th anniversary, Mom and Dad!

One reply on “The Buddy Kaye Orchestra
with Morton Abramson On Drums”

Dad’s smile said it all.
Wonderful to have this.
Thanks for this special gift on our anniversary.

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