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Get Rich, Quick! A Guide For The Watchers

It's OK, I only recognized Martha Stewart, also.
Quick — name these
famous insider traders!

There’s all kinds of things that bother me about the recent coverage of the NSA surveillance issues. For example, us Canadians have known about it forever — that’s why our Universities have had policies against allowing student data to be transmitted to servers in the States since the Patriot Act was first passed.

Now, as my man PK reminded us recently, knowing something that will be public a tiny bit before other people find out can beĀ extremely valuable.

So why hasn’t anyone pointed out that those in the know could be making money hand over fist, with almost no chance of getting caught, in a socially destructive way? Isn’t this at least as worrisome as the potential blackmail/panopticon effect on democracy/selective harassment issues?

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