Is two streaming music sites worth it?

I love music so much that I subscribe to not 0, and not even 1, but 2 streaming music services: YouTube Music (blech, what a name) and Apple Music (hardly better).

Why would I do such a thing?

you can’t see this, but if you search GooTunes for “eternal drift axiom ambient”,
there is a video with a well-preserved, nicely transferred, high quality rip of the
1994 Axiom Ambient album. Detail below.
Yep, that’s the album cover from the 1994 CD! Nice work, AlphaSongs!

Here are some notable features of the 1994 Axiom Ambient album, an incredible victory over copyright limitations in its pleasing combination of diverse talents and tools:

  • This album is not available on TimTunes
  • It features truly excellent work by Terre Thaemlitz
  • It also features excellent work by Bootsy Collings
  • And, the drop at ~11:13 of Eternal Drift (Construct Over Destiny Mix, if anyone cares — ElGoogLaTun├ęs doesn’t) is truly epic.

This, and I have a wife with better musical taste than me who is willing to explain to me how I can listen to her playlists on the vertically integrated, corporate pimping, payola lined hellscape that is Apple music.

There are three more Khaleds and three more “Khaled”s, and one more Eilish on this landing page than I want despite being logged in to FruitTunes:

Crapple is spending billions of dollars on machine learning and this is what my home screen looks like. Although maybe that Khaled Khaled Khaled can be screencapped for

Suppose there is a future for non-corporate musicians in large numbers making living wages by streaming music (doubtful). Maybe, and this is a big stretch, one of the ways I can help get there is by spending money on two services, so Bill Laswell can get a few cents towards his month to month (he could be loaded, I have no idea).

Like I said: doubtful.

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