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Here’s how I bought bitcoin, and what I spent it on.


TribalMixes is a “private torrent tracker” that’s been around since 2006. I joined in 2007.

It’s a contemporary analogue to the old scenes where folks would tape record radio broadcasts or live performances and then share them with each other. One big difference now is that the copies are all perfect, and way easier to share.

The way private torrent trackers work is that they enforce a ratio.

They know your IP address, and only permit people who are also registered and visiting their website to share the torrented files that they track. The website knows exactly how much data you’ve downloaded, and how much you’ve uploaded. In this case, the first has to be at least 0.4 of the second, or you’re cut off.

There’s an elaborate system of games (e.g. raffles) and gifts (free upload credit for visiting the site), and they also reward donations with upload credit.

At Durty Nelly‘s there’s a machine that looks like an ATM. It’s very easy to use.

  1. Open the bitcoin app you downloaded and hold it up to the window on the machine.
  2. Insert money into the machine.
  3. ??? wait ???
  4. Now you have bitcoin.

Penny Arcade explains it best.

Having donated my $5 to the site, it appears I have an invite to share. Hit me up in the comments if you’re interested in joining it. To see if it’s up your alley, here’s the last ten things to be posted there as I’m writing this:


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